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Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2

Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 for Windows

Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 is a kick sample player and effector for Windows.

Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 is a kick sample player and effector for Windows.

Hardcore Kicks is designed especially for Hardcore and Hardstyle producers in order to make easy and quick the creation of kicks and basslines. Easy creation does not mean just sound design, but the general idea is to enhance music production by allowing powerful stunning automations through the host program. The LITE build of Hardcore Kicks VSTi has all the features of Hardcore Kicks VSTi 1.x, but introduces a new user interface derived from the v2.x standard version and a big improvement to samples bank management. LITE contains a rebuild of Hardcore Kicks VSTi 1.x SoundBank with some improvements to all patches.

An intuitive tool for Novice Hard Dance producers and a boost to music productivity.


Support .wav 44.100hz format.

Import to bank function.

Fast browse and wave selector.


7 points shaping.

Auto resample for wav.

Normalized output (0;1).

Draw shape directly on wave preview.


5 filter types.

Full control over Frequency, resonance and keynote.

Lowpass, Highpass, bandpass, Notch, Peak filters.

Automatable Cutoff, resonance, keynote, bypass, type.


ADSR Envelope on amp.

ADSR Envelope on pitch.

ADSR envelope on filter.

Draw preview of envelopes.

Automatable envelopes.


3 bands distortion.

Frequency splitter.

Automatable amount, frequency, bypass.


4 points control XY.

Q Control.

High quality precision.


Pitch bend wheel control.

Modulation wheel control over filter cutoff.

MIDI CC values.


24 patches per bank.

Support save/load single and complete patch/banks.

Copy/Paste/Rename functions.

Our software is easy to use but allow to make professional sounds easily. You will not spend time making a good kick sound for your music!

Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 Lite made for producers by music producers, you will not find anything similar!

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Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2


Hardcore Kicks VSTi 2 2.4Lite

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